52 x 11 minute animation series

About the Show

Like most four-year-old kids, ZAC and ZELDA love made-up games, mud pies, stories at bed time, climbing trees and eating treats.  In fact, Zac and Zelda are like regular kids in every way.  Except they happen to be zombies.

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Not the brain-eating, scary kind of zombies because, well, that would be inappropriate! Luckily, Zombies were cured of their brain-lust eons ago. Now Zombies are more-or-less like normal people. And their children, though slightly green and slightly klutzy, are adorable.

Zac and Zelda may be high on the cute factor, but their social skills are atrocious. To be fair, their genetic heritage puts them at a disadvantage. When all your ancestors have lived in isolation and six-feet under, social niceties don’t get passed down the line.

That’s why Zac, Zelda and their little zombie friends go to charm school. Manners, grooming and social cues are core subjects. Their teacher, Eleanora Studebaker, is the best in the world. She’s lovely. And famous for turning the raggediest of ragamuffins into caring, well-groomed, socially intelligent, school-ready children. But she’s never taught zombies before.

Zombie children need to learn - in the most funny, dynamic, imaginative way possible - that day time is play time; that just because something looks slimy, doesn’t mean it’s edible; and that clomping up to someone with your arms outstretched is not the universal language for “friend”.

Charm School For Zombies is a free-spirited, rollicking and often absurd adventure in what it means to behave. Join Zac and Zelda and their friends as they tackle the big questions: How many decibels is an inside voice versus an outside voice? Is it okay to lie if you get a dud birthday present? And can you scratch your nose without picking?